Wednesday 26 June 2019

New Roof Installation

new-roof-300x199.jpgA home's roof is its "crowning glory" and its testament of safety and security. Aside from acting a shield against natural elements such as wind and rain, having a resilient, as well as an enchanting roof, can also increase your home or commercial property's value. The reverse holds true when you have poor and broken roofing. The installation of a new roof is expensive, a required financial investment whether it is a roofing substitute or setting it up for the very first time. If you are living in a rather old home, there is a possibility that you need to change it immediately. When this moment comes, it is practical to pick an excellent roofing company to mount a new roof to your home.

Installing New Roof

Before the installation of a brand new roof, there are certain considerations that you need to think about such as what sort of roofing system to purchase or roofing company you will employ. There are many roofing kinds and some of the most common materials are asphalt tiles, steel, and tile. Asphalt Asphalt tiles are the least costly yet not one of the most resistant or long-lasting. Its life span is dependent on direct exposure to sun and other harsh elements. Asphalt roof shingles can dry quickly and become fragile when exposed consistently to sweltering sunlight, high winds, and heavy rainfall. Dark tinted asphalt absorbs heat making your attic room burning your attic room, thus making your air conditioning system work double time. This can bring about greater electrical expenses particularly throughout the summer season. It is the least sturdy and appealing roofing among those mentioned here. When it pertains to visual appeals nonetheless, this can be fairly subjective since elegance remains in the eyes of the observer. The sort of asphalt roofing that often tends to last is the architectural one. Steel  Steel roofing systems are available in three kinds-- copper, aluminum, and steel. Copper is the most expensive while steel is the most affordable of the three types. Steel reflects heat so they do not take in way too much of it. Steel roofing systems are a lot more immune to strong winds than aluminum, however, aluminum last longer than tile roofing against a cyclone. Copper roofing is the most expensive among the three types but only needs little upkeep and can last up to a hundred years. Aluminum is less expensive than copper but not as cheap as steel. Tile  Tile roofing is one of the most striking and sturdy types of roofing materials. One advantage of a tile roofing is resistant to fire and calls for really marginal upkeep. What's great about it is that it can be made to look like a wood shaker, panel roofing, or any kind of layouts. Tile roofing additionally can be found in concrete, clay, and slate. Concrete roofing is low-cost and lasts longers as floor tiles. The tinted ones can discolor after some time and require to be painted. Slate roofing is one of the most expensive among tile roofing, long-lasting as it generally lasts longer than your home as well as requires really little upkeep. It additionally can be found in a selection of styles and color. Prior to spending your cash on a new roof or roof replacement, do a little research regarding roofing system types and roofing companies. Figure out the styles of roofing, its price, pros, disadvantages, even color to obtain the very best offer and quality for your new roofing.

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Friday 21 June 2019

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor

Roofing-Contractor_Myrtle_Beach_SC-300x200.jpgIf you are a homeowner, then the time will eventually come when you will either need to repair or replace your roof. This can be a daunting task and finding the right company or person to do the job can be tough. But we are going to clue you in a few very important tips. With all the roofing companies out there, so many of them do not take pride in their work or will take expensive shortcuts that will cost you a lot of money down the road, not to mention the headache of a job done incorrectly.

Things You Need To Know in Choosing Right Roofing Contractor

  1. Never sign a contract without first reading through it thoroughly. It can seem like a tedious task, but contracts are set up to protect both parties and you should never sign on the dotted line until you’re confident that you understand the agreement from both sides. The roofing contractor wants to make sure he gets paid, of course, but the customer, on the other hand, wants to make sure he isn’t being duped into unfair terms.
  2. Always do your research. Take the time to do some homework and find out all the info you can by using Google and checking places like the BBB (Better Business Bureau). You should always expect your roofing contractor to be well represented by the BBB, as this will allow you to see any reviews or complaints filed. The BBB requires these contractors to uphold high standards of job performance as well as customer satisfaction.
  3. Ask for references. Reading reviews online is a great way to start learning about a company or contractor, but you always need to get a few references you can call in order to learn how the contractor did business and if there were any errors or weakness in his work. It’s also a great way to find out all the good things!
  4. Be sure to get a guarantee for the work performed! You need to ask what the protocol is if your new roof has problematic issues right after it’s been installed. Guarantees will ensure that the problem is resolved quickly. Any quality roofing contractor will have no problem with this and will want to make sure you as the customer are satisfied with the work done.
  5. Do not forget the details! Learn a little about roofing from your own research and ask some important questions about his techniques. Not all roofing contractors are dedicated and skilled professionals unfortunately and might take shortcuts that would cause major problems. An example of this might be something like not hammering in every nail by hand when placing shingles. If the nails go in too deeply, it will cause your roof to leak. These kinds of questions will help you gauge how well your contractor knows his stuff.

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Thursday 13 June 2019

5 Upgrades That Go Well With Re-Roofing

roofing-300x199.jpgEven though re-roofing isn’t always a glamourous home project, it’s certainly a crucial one. In case you’re planning to get a new roof, you have to think of these five upgrades that will make your roof look more beautiful while improving its functionality and boost its lifespan.

Five Roofing Upgrades To Consider

Airtight Chimney Cap Installation

Compared to masonry as well as metal chimney caps that are made to prevent rain, birds, as well as other critters from going into the chimney, airtight caps can also help save energy. If your fireplace isn’t being used, warm air from inside your house will go out through the chimney during cooler days. The damper in the firebox will not do anything in terms of preventing it since it is not airtight. Ask your roofing contractor about the installation of an airtight chimney cap while the roof is being replaced.

Eave Flashing Installation

If you know how much damage an ice dam can cause, you understand how important it is to invest a little extra when you are re-roofing by installing eave flashing. These are bituminous membranes can be applied before shingling to a depth of as much as 2 feet inside the exterior wall plane. They will form a water tight seal over the eaves, which are the parts of the roof where ice dams tend to form.

Roof Ventilation Improvement

Attics are like furnaces during the summer season especially if they are not well maintained. That heat that accumulates will radiate to the rooms directly below the attic, thus making them an uncomfortable place to be in. To keep the attic cooler, your roofing contractor must install ridge vents across the roof top. Ridge vents are barely noticeable from the street and they encourage air movement under the ridge cap shingles. For efficient ventilation, soffit vents that are under the eaves will draw cooler air into the attic while expelling hot hair. You may also need gable vents to ensure sufficient air flow.

Energy Efficient Shingles

If you want to have a cooler roof before, it was recommended to choose shingles that are either white or light colored. However, this option isn’t always visually appealing to homeowners. Today you will find reflective shingles in different colors, from wood to slate tones. The granules will not only reflect the radiation from the sun but also reemit most of the absorbed heat. Depending on the climate and the construction of your home, a cool roof can help you save at least seven percent and as much as fifteen percent of your cooling costs.

Installation Of Low Maintenance Gutters

While you are installing a brand new roofing Myrtle Beach in your home, you might want to consider scrapping your old gutters and have new ones installed. Maintenance gutters that feature curved woods are maintenance free. Its unique design helps prevent clogs and staining on the gutters. It also gets rid of the need to climb a ladder to clean the gutters.

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Wednesday 5 June 2019

How To Know When It Is Time For A New Roof

New-Roof-Myrtle-Beach-300x200.jpgAs a homeowner, you know that when your roof is damaged, immediate repair is required. So when it involves deciding on whether you just need a roof repair or replacement of the new roof, it is best to ask roofing professionals for the overall analysis of the situation. What are the signs and symptoms to look for when it is time for a brand new roof?

Signs You Need A New Roof

A roof can last anywhere from 15 to 40 years depending on its material.  Having a fairly "young" residence does not mean you will not have to think about signs that you need a new roof. If you want to know more about how to know when it is time for a new roof, you have come to the right place. Ceiling spots See those relentless water spots that are altering your lovely ceiling? Those spots are referred to as ceiling areas - as well as they're a straight outcome of dripping roofing. Normally a fast roofing repair service can repair a leakage or 2, yet if your ceiling is playing host to a swarm of leakages, it's time for a brand-new roof covering. Buckling/Distortions in your roof If specific components of your roof covering's roof shingles appear like folded little bits of paper, then it is a sign that your roof is bending. Bending normally happens when a roofing system has actually been poorly mounted, or simply because of the wear and tears, similar to older roofing systems. An easy repair service will not repair this significant issue, so be certain to call in the roof professionals and ask for a reasonable quote. Signs of deterioration Most homeowners think that algae in a roof are rot. While the latter only needs repair, the former needs replacement of a new roof.  Roofing algae is much more typical in Southern states and can be dealt with by changing the roof shingles. Rot happens when the roof covering takes in the air's moisture, creating the tiles to break down as well as the roof covering itself to come to be weak and unsteady. In this instance, it is ideal to call for the expertise of roofing professionals for a proper diagnosis. You have to remember that an incorrect diagnosis will cost you hundreds of dollars. Leaking roof and blistering Blistering takes place when there is dampness trapped in the tile. This is a certain indication of a poorly ventilated roofing. If you are experiencing roof leaks, a simple repair will not do the job. Once more, contact the professionals to see what they can do. Chances are that they will advise for the replacement of a new roof. In certain situations, replacing your roof with a new one can actually save you money rather than having it fixed every now and then.

Check if your insurance covers your requirements, or obtain a cost-free quote from a top quality roofing contractor like MB Roofing Pros.

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Tuesday 4 June 2019

How To Locate Roof Leaks

Roof Leak Is No Laughing Matter

Roof-leaks-Myrtle-Beach-300x199.jpgWe know that getting a roof leak is one of the most inconvenient repairs to your home, but with some patience, you may be able to perform your own roof repair regardless of the type of shingles you have on your roof. It goes without saying that the first step is to actually locate the leak. This quick guide will assist you in finding the leak by checking specific areas indoors and avoiding climbing up on the roof to locate the leak. Keep in mind that these are indications of a roof leak but they could simply be moisture or humidity problems in your home. We will show you ways to look properly so that you can distinguish between a problem caused by indoor condensation and a roof leak.

Condensation vs Roof Leak

If you notice several small stains in your ceiling as opposed to one big stain, this usually indicates a condensation problem. These smaller stains will usually be close to exterior walls and will appear even when there has been no rain. Look for a white center in the stain, this is another indication of a condensation problem. Water condensation can cause a mold problem that may not be immediately evident. You will want to contact water restoration specialists in the case of condensation. A roof leak will cause the stain to appear anywhere on the ceiling, not just near the walls. Look for a dark center stain that gets lighter as it moves outward. This is caused by the center stain being older than the outer rim.

Look For Sagging Ceilings with Roof Leaks

The major cause of a sagging ceiling is rainwater that has accumulated on the ceiling. The water will break down your ceiling over time as it moistens the ceiling. The accumulated weight of the water pushes the ceiling down causing it to sag. Before attempting to fix the roof, you will want to completely drain the water by creating a small hole and catching the water in a basin.

Paint That Is Pealing

Wallpaper that is stripping away from the wall or peeling paint is indications of a roof leak. Peeling paint on an inner wall as opposed to an exterior wall indicates a possible roof leak.

Mold May Indicate Roof Leak

As we mentioned earlier, mold can be an indicator of a roof leak or condensation. Look around vents and chimneys as this is where the mold will appear first. This underlying cause of the mold is usually a lead in the flashing of a metal roof. It is easier to locate this type of roof leak as opposed to a leak from a shingle or tile. Once you have determined there is a leak, you can then trace it back and get a good estimate of where the roof leak is on the outside. Having plans for your house is a big help in locating the possible leak. If you have a tile roof or roof shingles, fixing the leak can be a straight forward process. In most instances the leak is from damaged or cracked tiles. If that is the case, you simply need to replaced the tiles. You will need to also seal the new tile with roof cement. Be sure and read our article on roof safety! In the case of a metal roof, you will need to locate the leak and then seal it with either roof cement or caulk. If locating and fixing a roof leak is not your “thing,” you will want to contact a roofing professional. This is the safest and best way to solve those unexpected leaks.

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A Closer Look at Roof Inspections in Myrtle Beach

Roof-Inspections-Myrtle-Beach-300x250.jpgIn theory, many supervisors of business and institutional facilities concur that routine roof inspections are essential for successful roofing system management. They likewise recognize and concur with the standard roof-management tenet that regular examinations and routine upkeep reduce ownership expenses, decrease leak frequency and intensity, extend roofing system life, and lower management ineffectiveness. Motivation Matters By the time many organizations consider executing a roof-management plan, they really need a roof-replacement program. The commitment to fund and execute roof replacements has defeated any opportunities to maintain and repair roofing systems. If a supervisor can extend the life of each roof by one year, the organization can recover cost on the roof-management plan. If a supervisor can extend each roof's life by 2 or 3 years, the strategy can lower roofing expenditures by a multiple of its expenses. So why don't most organizations have a practical evaluation and upkeep strategy? Is it inertia, or a "We've never done it that way prior to" mindset, or a fear of the unidentified? It's tough to fathom. Exactly what is certain, however, is that the majority of strategies never ever get going. What likewise is certain is that even a very little plan is better than no plan. Taking Stock Once a supervisor is commited to a program, the first step towards implementation is getting organized, which includes setting out a plan and appointing somebody to be in charge of the program. Yearly roof inspections and upkeep are the vital components in preventing significant expenses for premature roofing system replacement. The temptation in beginning a roof-management program is to start filling holes. This step would be an enhancement over no effort. However the best primary step is to take a stock of all roofs. This process starts with establishing a historical review of each roof that consists of:
  • date of setup
  • setting up service provider
  • system producer
  • guarantees
  • kind of roofing system, insulation, and roofing system deck
  • leakage history
  • repair history, dates, type, and cost of repair works
Condition Factors to consider With the roofing details in place, the next step is to get up on the roof and carry out a condition evaluation. No roofing system can be managed properly without understanding its history and comprehending its condition, info that originates from conducting a roofing evaluation. Employees can carry out two types of inspections: visual and non-destructive. Visual inspections ought to happen semi-annually or each year, depending upon the roofing's condition, the amount of rooftop traffic, and the level of sensitivity of occupants. Non-destructive inspections can complement-- but must never ever replace-- visual inspections. Non-destructive measures consist of infrared, nuclear, and capacitance tests. These assessments can validate the presence of moisture, establish a baseline for roofing management, locate hard-to-find leakages, and authenticate the requirement for complete or partial re-roofing projects. The individual performing visual roof surveys should be very acquainted with the design, setup, repair, and kinds of failure certain to the roofing system being surveyed. Whether surveys are done by internal personnel or contracted to a specialist depends upon the technical proficiency and availability of internal resources. Internal personnel trained in roofing inspection, diagnosis and repair can carry out limited summary surveys. A visual study of roof evaluations must consist of:
  • an evaluation of the roof system, flashings, sheet-metal flashings, drains, and rain gutters
  • an assessment of observed conditions that might impact the long-term efficiency of the roofing system
  • documentation of shortages requiring restorative action
  • other information needed for establishing long-range preventive maintenance (PM) requires
Study documentation needs to include a composed report or checklist, photographs and notes on a roofing strategy suggesting the conditions observed. The roofing system plan should supply enough information to make it possible for the efficiency of the required repair services. By keeping in mind the perimeters of all roofing system sections, as well as the place of all major roof devices, an accurate and detailed roofing plan ends up being a crucial piece of the management puzzle. In the event repairs need the existence of a roof professional, this plan can serve as the basis of a punch list for the professional. Creating a Plan The details collection on a roof's condition does no good if it sits on a shelf gathering dust. The information needs to be tape-recorded and studied in order to assist supervisors identify the opportunities to make repairs, conduct upkeep or plan for re-roofing. The plan likewise will help managers communicate better with upper management, the roofing contractor and maintenance personnel. Despite the funds, personnel hours and commitment required to set up a roof-management program, the benefits of the effort far outweigh the costs. If supervisors produce and handle the program efficiently, roofs will last longer, perform better and leak less. Managers who develop an in-depth and efficient plan will have a better idea about where bothersome areas exist and will have the ability to work toward budget plan approval for repair services more effectively. Obviously, a plan does not necessarily ensure that top management will immediately accept all roof repair spending plan requests. But a minimum of the supervisor will be well equipped with the tools essential to justify the large expense.

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