Monday 17 July 2023

When To Call Your Roofing Contractor For Shingles Replacement

Among the most common reasons why you call your roofing contractor is because your roof shingles need replacement. How can you be sure that it really needs replacement?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine whether or not it’s time to have your roof shingles replaced. This is especially true for first-time homeowners who have little knowledge of the proper maintenance and upkeep of their homes.

To help you determine the right time to call your Myrtle Beach roofing contractor and have your shingles replaced, here are five signs you need to keep an eye out for:

Signs You Need To Hire A Roofing Contractor

Shingles that are clawed or curled.

Extremely hot temperatures brought on by summer can cause your roof shingles to easily curl and claw. Aside from this, older roofs are more at risk of clawing or curling shingles.

If you see curled or clawed shingles, you will need to have a roof replacement at once as this quickly leads to rigid shingles that can break easily. Your shingles will then be removed and have loose tab edges. Plus, curled shingles put your roof at risk of being uplifted by the wind and damaged by ice in winter.

Presence of bare spots on the roof and the loss of granules

Another common sign that you shouldn’t ignore is the presence of bare spots on your roof and the loss of granules. These can be primarily caused by old age, improper maintenance, and continuous waterfall on the roof, which may be due to improper placement of downspouts, not enough eaves trough, or improperly designed drainage.

When granules are washed away from shingles, they can easily harden especially during summer when there is extreme heat. The loss of granules may also cause the shingles to decay, which would, in turn, lead to leak problems. Eventually, it will lead to faster aging and wear and tear on your roof.

roofing-contractor-1-300x169.jpgDamage to the shingles

Excessive wind and other extreme weather conditions can cause damage to your shingles. Primarily, it can break your shingles and cause them to go missing. As a result, water will easily accumulate in the areas where the shingles are broken, damaged, or missing. According to a professional roofing contractor in Myrtle Beach, this can either lead to decay or leakage problems.

Buckling shingles

Aging, wear and tear, and improper installation of the underlayment material results in waving distortions that are often visible vertically on your roof slope. This problem is called buckling shingles. When your shingles buckle, they have less protection against the wind and ice. They can be easily damaged and torn off as compared to normal roof shingles.

Damage on the flashings

If you opt to install flashing details on your roof, you should know how to properly maintain them and how to immediately identify signs of roof damage. You’ll know you will have to replace your shingles if your flashings show signs of separation, lifting, and drying out.

The most common cause of lifted flashings is expansion and contraction. If you fail to fix the damage on your flashings, it will lead to creating a source of water leakage, which will cause more costly roof repairs.

Taking care of your roof is important to ensure its long lifespan so it can serve you well for more years. Call MB Roofing Pros for assistance.

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Friday 7 July 2023

Things To Avoid When Evaluating Roofing Contractors

Looking for suitable roofing contractors in Myrtle Beach is not an easy task especially considering the numerous companies that you need to check and evaluate. Despite this, many homeowners continue with the task because it is necessary to have a dedicated roofer that you can work with and call anytime you need their assistance.

To make this process easier, here is a list of 9 things that you should NOT do when evaluating roofing companies.

1. Don’t forget to check the licenses and insurance

Ask the roofer for their licenses and check its authenticity and expiration date. Also, inquire about their insurance policies. This is important because if a roofer is insured, you will not be held liable for any injuries or accidents that he or she or their staff might get into while working on your roof.

You can also check their website for information on their licenses and insurance. Most roofers in Myrtle Beach work hard to provide satisfaction to their every customer as well as to prove their worth to potential clients such as you. Thus, those legit roofers will be more than willing to provide any certification you might ask from them.

2. Don’t agree to pay upfront

There are roofing companies that will ask you for a full payment upfront. If this is your first time working with this company, it is best not to agree with these terms as you negotiate and discuss. Work out a payment term with the roofer which you will both benefit from.

Keep in mind, however, that the roofer will need money upfront to pay for the materials needed for your roofing project. Discuss what these costs are and negotiate how you can provide the initial payment and the remaining balance for the project.

3. Don’t create unrealistic time frames for the project

roofing-contractors-2-300x200.jpgWhen you are negotiating with Myrtle Beach roofing contractors, make sure you both create a realistic time frame for the duration of the project. It is important that the contractor knows your expectations in the project and that you are aware of your own responsibilities for the project. A realistic time frame helps everyone to do their assigned tasks daily to be able to finish project goals on time as indicated in the time frame.

Another important aspect of the time frame includes dates when payment is required or needed. If you have agreed on a staggered payment, the dates of when payments are expected should be agreed upon by both client and roofer.

4. Don’t ignore warranties and guarantees

Note the difference between a warranty and a guarantee. A contractor that offers guarantees is confident that his job complies with all state and country codes and licenses. When there is a guarantee, it means the contractor strictly follows the guidelines and specifications as indicated in the contract.

Warranties, on the other hand, protect homeowners from spending too much on their roofs. Should there be damage on the roof, or on the spot where it was repaired, you can always have the roofer come back and check our roof again.

5. Don’t sign the contract without having a law professional look it over

After negotiating and discussing everything with the roofing company you chose to work with, you need to have everything you have agreed on written in a contract. Before you sign the contract, bring it to a legal representative.

Even if you already know everything written in it, it is still best to have it looked over and checked by a legal representative. More specifically, he or she will check the contract for inconsistencies and any unclear or unspecified areas. This is necessary to be sure you are getting a fair deal on the project and that you are dealing with a legit company.

6. Don’t entertain door-to-door sales

There are roofing contractors – often those fraudulent ones – that will knock on your door and tell you about how your roof needs work. Although what they are saying is true – that your roof needs repair, do not hire them at once. Remember that you will have to confirm their licenses and insurance first.

Also, it helps if you ask for references that you can call and inquire about their service provision and work ethics. There are lots of other pieces involved in the hiring process.

And it should not be done and end at your doorstep. Go through the entire hiring process to be sure that you are hiring the most suitable roofing company for your needs.

roof-inspection-2-300x225.jpg7. Don’t forget to seek recommendations from your friends and family

If you do not know where to look for Myrtle Beach roofing companies and you don’t have time to browse through the Yellow Pages and other similar websites, you can simply ask your friends and family for recommendations. You can be sure that the contractors you will be provided with are legit, licensed and insured. All you are left to do is to confirm whether or not their services and skills are suitable for your needs.

You may also want to check online reviews and feedback for further assurance of the skills of the roofer you are considering hiring. Aside from recommendations from your friends and family, there are lots of online reviews that you can read about the contractor to ensure they are the best match for you and your home.

8. Don’t hire a company that focuses on a single type of roof

There are roofing companies that work with various types of roofs and there are those that focus on only a single type of roof. Regardless of how much suitable and experienced a company is, if it focuses on a single type of roof only, do not hire that contractor.

Spend a little more time looking for a contractor that works on every type of roof. This will give you more opportunities to consider when you need to have a roof replacement.

9. Don’t hire the cheapest company

Similarly in any purchases that you are making, the least expensive product or service is not always the most efficient and effective. Cost should not be your sole basis when choosing which roofing company to hire.

It is part of the factors you are considering but it should not be your deciding factor. Remember that when it comes to roofs – an essential part of your home – quality should come over cost and looks.

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