Monday 26 October 2020

Why You Should Develop A Roofing Maintenance Plan Sooner Than Later

Many Myrtle Beach roofing contractors agree that a maintenance plan should be developed right after a new roof has been installed. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners wait until they see signs of leakage in their roof before they start developing a maintenance plan. What these homeowners should keep in mind is that an effective roof maintenance plan is one that is developed to be implemented continuously and regularly and should begin right after the roof installation. Consistency and frequency are extremely important in any kind of maintenance.

Proper Roofing Maintenance Considerations

One of the most important aspects of maintenance is being able to prevent roof problems such as leaks and damaged shingles. If you have a concrete maintenance plan in place that you are implementing, you will not have to worry about these problems and you will be able to maximize the lifespan of your roof. You also save money from paying for unexpected and sudden roof repairs and replacement.

Roofing contractors Myrtle Beach have seen how roofs that have an estimated lifespan of 17 years could reach 20 or even 40 years simply by implementing consistent and regular maintenance routines that started after the roof has been installed. Indeed, roofs will surely last longer if homeowners plan for and implement proactive maintenance.

Roofing Maintenance and Inspection

In addition to maintenance, homeowners should also consider scheduling for an inspection. According to roof experts, a roof inspection should be conducted by the contractor or roof manufacture after the project has been completed. This will help ensure that the roof has been properly installed. After the roof has been installed, regular inspections should be done every 3 to 5 years to ensure that the roof is still in good condition. These follow up inspections is part of the maintenance plan to ensure the condition of the roof.

The great thing about these follow up inspections is that minor problems are easily spotted and identified before they lead into bigger and more costly problems. If the inspection results report damages in the roof, your roof manufacturer or maintenance team will be able to resolve the damage quickly and easily.

Roofing Maintenance Plan Guide

If you have not yet developed a maintenance plan, it is not too late to develop one. Below are some tips that can help you.

Plan into the future

This is true in any kind of maintenance plan. It is better to plan 5 to 10 years ahead to ensure that you and any member of the household know what to do should something happen to your roof. Consider including saving as part of your maintenance plan. A new roof replacement – which is inevitable since all roofs wear out in time – costs a huge amount of money. To make it financially easier and convenient for you, you can opt to start saving money now. Even a couple of dollars every day can help lower the costs of getting a new roof.

Always use a thicker membrane roof

When developing your roof maintenance plan, always include the use of a thicker membrane roof. Although this costs more, the benefits that you will gain from a thicker roof is indeed more than what you will get from a thin membrane roof. For one thing, the thicker roof is more suitable to withstand the weather changes and sudden occurrences. Plus, it lasts longer than thinner roofs.

Create a checklist

A checklist will help you easily keep track of the maintenance tasks that you need to accomplish for your roof. This will ensure that you will not forget anything important and will serve as your guide to better take care of your roof system. Moreover, your contractor can also use the checklist to confirm and verify whether or not you are committing to your maintenance plan.

Developing a roofing maintenance plan is crucial for a long-lasting roof. For more information, call MB Roofing Pros.

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Wednesday 21 October 2020

Roof Inspection Guide Without Using a Ladder

 The recent hurricane damaged hundreds of houses and other properties in South Carolina. Although natural disasters are a fact of life, you can prevent further damage through preparation and planning.  Preparation can help guarantee that you and your household remain safe when things get rough and that your house is safe. However, you will still need to check for damages after the storm. One of the first things to conduct roof inspection and you can check it without climbing the roof.

Practical Roof Inspection Steps After A Storm

Check the attic

While discovering damage on the roof is most convenient from the outdoors, you can likewise do so from inside your house. Go to the attic with a flashlight, and check the decking (the plywood under the shingles). Try to find indications where the deck is drooping or indications of wetness (spots and dampness on the surface area of the wood are telltale signs). Dark areas and tracks on the deck are likewise indications of a water leakage. Switch off the flashlight and see if there is any sunshine coming through the decking– this signifies major holes in the roofing.

Take a look at the shingle color and check for missing shingles

After examining the decking in the attic, turn your focus outside your home. Walk around the house and take a look at the color of the shingles. If you discover dark/black areas, it’s an indication that the colored granules on the shingle’s surface area are gone. The asphalt itself will dry and break in the sun immediately, triggering a leakage.

Take a look at the roofing for any indications of missing shingles. If there are any that have blown off, they’ll have to be changed. Torn, twisted or otherwise harmed shingles will likewise have to be repaired as quickly as possible by a certified Myrtle Beach roofing contractors.

Inspect the flashing

You might or might not be able to see all the flashing and seals from the ground. Nevertheless, it is very important that you look. According to roofing professionals, If you see any curled, bent or ripped flashing around the chimney, pipeline vents or other roofing extrusions, it suggests damage and a prospective water leakage. All flashing and seals ought to remain in great condition.

Gutter issues

Your house’s gutters play an essential function in safeguarding against water damage, however, they can quickly be damaged throughout a storm. Walk the boundary of your house and check the rain gutters and downspouts. Any downspouts that have fallen will have to be returned and protected. Try to find indications of the rain gutters retreating from the house or locations where the metal has actually been bent. Any harmed seamless gutters will have to be changed.

What To Do If You Discover any Roof Damage

If you discover any damage or indications of water leakages, it is necessary to immediately call a trustworthy Myrtle Beach roofer like MB Roofing Pros to conduct repair work right away.

Handling the after-effects of a storm does not have to be a difficult experience if you follow these easy roofing inspection Myrtle Beach guide.


MB Roofing Pros is a dependable and reputable roofing company in Myrtle Beach. Call them for any roofing problem you will encounter.

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Friday 16 October 2020

Homeowner’s Guide on Getting a Roof Repair Estimate


Getting roof repair or roof replacement services are among the few things that many homeowners fear the most. When the roof requires some fixing, it is very important to obtain not just the finest quality materials on the market but also the best price for the service that you need. Most homeowners will begin the process by obtaining a roof repair estimate from a few local companies, and it is crucial for all homeowners to understand how to properly read this essential document.

Expectations in a Roof Repair Estimate

You should expect that each roof repair estimate will appear a bit different, depending on the company and the kind of job needed. The estimate for fixing a hole, or swapping out a bank of shingles, may be a simple and straightforward document.  On the other hand, the estimate for the installation or replacement of the whole roof could be complicated.

Regardless of the complexity and the cost of the job, however, there are a few things you need to remember when evaluating all of those competing roof repair providers.

  1. Create a checklist of the roof repair jobs needed Perhaps the most important thing is to make certain that every estimate of roof repair is putting in a bid on exactly the same job. Before asking contractors for roof estimates, you should jot down the demands of the job, such as when work should start, when the repair should be completed, and any personal preferences you might have regarding roofing materials. Indicating all of these specifications in advance can help you guarantee that you are comparing bids for the same job.
  2. Choose credible and reliable roofing contractors It is also a must to take the reliability and reputation of roofing contractor into consideration. Keep in mind that not all roofing contractors are trustworthy, they are not all equally knowledgeable and skillful. In case you have a specialty roof, like a tile roof, a metal roof, or perhaps a rubber roof, you should pick out a contractor who possesses the expertise in that kind of specialty material. A typical Myrtle Beach roofing contractor may not possess all of the tools, skills, as well as expertise required to finish a complicated roof repair Myrtle Beach on the more non-traditional roofing materials that are available on the market.
  3. Schedule a brief interview with potential contractors Once you have evaluated all of the estimates for your needed roof repair job and you have narrowed down the potential roofing companies to just a few, it’s highly recommended to take some time and talk to each of those candidates. It is usually possible to get a sense of the quality of work that someone can do simply by meeting with them, and that also applies to find a good roof repair company. Even though the roof repair estimate could give you a good idea of the cost, only a personal meeting can provide you with the gut feeling, which is so important in the realm of business and in the industry of roof repair.

Roof repairs can be a very challenging and time-consuming home improvement, but this can be accomplished easily when you call MB Roofing Pros.


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Thursday 8 October 2020

Why You Should Avoid Out Of Town Roofing Contractor

Your roof is one of the many parts of your home that may need emergency repairs or replacement after a major storm. Although a reliable roofing contractor is the first one that you should call, a lot of homeowners fall victim to out of state storm chaser who promises fast and affordable service.

At MB Roofing Pros, we understand that whenever your roof has been damaged, roof repairs are required. But there are some important reasons why you have to hire a trustworthy local roofing company rather than making a huge mistake of choosing one who will just scam you.

Hire Only Reliable Roofing Contractors

Storm Chasers Like Quantity Over Quality

Even though there are many door to door sales associates who visit towns after a storm, there’s no guarantee that they will keep their promises. When these roofing contractors come into town, their main objective is to convince as many homeowners as they can. Once they’re done, they can move to the next town and do the same thing again. This could, in most cases lead to a roof replacement project that is not up to industry standards. This is not just a safety hazard and costly expense to homeowners. If something will go wrong with the roof, you’ll find it difficult to get in touch with the out of town roofer because they are already in a different place trying to convince other homeowners to hire them as well.

Significant Insurance Risk

Several out of town roofing contractors do not have the right insurance to cover them. Some might not even have any insurance at all. That means when accident happens while roofers are on the job, it will be the homeowner, you, who will be at fault. So, before you hire any roofing contractor Myrtle Beach, you have to be sure that they are properly insured and that your project is secure on all aspects.

Phantom Down Payments

Not all out of town roofer are crooks. But this point is extremely important and homeowners need to know about it. In some cases, fraudulent roofing contractors will request a steep downpayment before they start working on the roofing project. They will say that it’s for the materials and labor. But after you hand in the money, the roofer will never come back. You’ll be financially burdened and you will still have problems with your roof.

High Prices With Insufficient Value

Out of town roofing contractors will try to convince people that their prices are more affordable than what they can expect from other roofing companies. Although it may be true that their rates are cheaper, the quality of their service won’t match those of an expert roofing contractor.

If you work with a reputable local roofing contractor, you will pay for the job’s value and the promise that you will have a roof that will last for several years. Meanwhile, a storm chaser may be able to give you a temporary fix, you’ll eventually need to hire a local roofing contractor to redo the job.


If your home is hit by a storm and your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, be sure to call MB Roofing Pros right away.


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