Friday 30 June 2023

Roof Replacement — What to Anticipate

Knowing what to expect with a roof replacement can go a long way toward relieving the stress of the project. The roofing contractors and workers are so accustomed to the details of job that they might forget to fill you in on the process.

Listed below is an idea of what to expect with a new roof replacement project so you will understand what to expect:

The roof replacement in Myrtle Beach typically takes 1 to 3 days depending on the weather, size of the task, and other requirements. Usually the setup can take place while you are at work, however discuss with your contractor whether you have to be home. Remember also that workers might have to utilize the restroom during the day, so discuss with the contractor if you have any problems with them entering your house.

A couple of days before the actual work starts, one or two dumpsters may be delivered and put on your lawn. These are for the discarded roof products and also anything that is being recycled. Your neighbors may object to the look of the dumpsters, so remind them that they won’t be there for too long.

Another shipment might arrive a few days prior to the start of the new roof installation, this time with a whole lot of shingles. You will have to have a designated location for them to place the shingles, generally in your driveway. You will most likely wish to be home for the delivery in case it needs a signature.

roof-replacement-2-1-300x200.jpgBefore the very first day of the setup, you may want to clear your yard of anything that could be harmed by falling shingles or tools. Take steps to secure any patio or deck furniture, your garden areas or outside plants.

Inside your house, take down any hanging photos, and put other breakable items that might be jarred from their places to the floor. Hammering can cause vibrations and trigger some ruckus.

While the work is being done, you most likely do not want your automobiles, bikes, or anything else that might possibly be harmed near your house. Simply to be safe, park on the street while work is being done.

On the day everything starts, be all set for the roofing contractors to begin early and make a great deal of noise. Setting up a new roof is noisy company, particularly if you are inside your home. Please notify your neighbors of the possible intrusion and give them an estimated completion date.

Leave any gates unlocked to allow any workers access to the premises. If you have pets, you might want to keep them inside or board them throughout the project.

After the work is over, the roofing contractors in Myrtle Beach will walk around and pick up any fallen debris and nails from the yard area but you most likely wish to double-check. To be safe, inspect the whole backyard, the driveway, and the road near the job for nails.

Keep in mind that it may take a couple of days for the filled dumpsters to be picked up from your lawn after the task is finished.

Roof replacement in Myrtle Beach is a noisy project and somewhat annoying event, but it will all be over within a couple of days to a week.

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Friday 23 June 2023

How to Stop a Roof leak in the Rain

Do you have a ceiling leak after the recent rainstorms in your area? You may be looking for ways to regularly keep your home clean and dry. It is vital that you understand how to stop a roof leak. Consider factors both inside and outside that allow water to enter the home.

Our roofing knowledge will allow you to restore your roof and create a more comfortable, dryer environment in your home.

Here are some tips on how to stop roof leaks in the rain.

1. Find the source

You must know what causes water to enter your home to stop a ceiling from leaking. You will save money and time on the tools required to make roof repairs in Myrtle Beach.

Check your roof first to see if there are any problems. Clogged gutters, pests and problems with heating and cooling systems, plumbing and the HVAC system are all possible sources of leaks.

If you notice any damage to the tiles or drywall on your ceiling and roof, check them. Leaks may occur in areas that are not aligned.

2. Clear the Area

You can begin repairing the area once you know the source of the leak. You can prevent roof damage by clearing the area where water could enter.

You can place pails under the leak to collect any extra water. You can use suction hoses to fix leaks coming from above.

Do not forget to move the furniture and appliances away from the source of the leak. Cover the furniture with plastic if it is heavy or difficult to move.

3. Use Roofing Tar

You must assess the exterior of your house before you can fix a leaky roof from the interior. Keep the roof tiles in good condition.

Roof tar patches are the best option for tiles that can be removed. Roof tar will seal any leaks in the inner ceiling if you remove the tiles. It will perform better if a shingle, plywood or other material supports it. The shingle or the plywood can be pushed against the area that leaks, and the roofing tar is applied to keep it dry.

4. Use PE Plastic

Certain covering materials are best for leaks but are harder to locate. Polyethene (PE), for example, can reduce the space that is affected by leaks. It can also catch any water that tries to enter.

roof-2-300x200.jpgYou can use a ruler and a calculator to determine how much plastic is needed to cover the leakage area. We recommend giving your plastic an extra three to four feet to minimise future leaks.

Use staples and nails to secure the plastic. Keep your PE as thick as you can to shield your room from as much moisture as possible.

5. Install New Shingles

Your roof’s ability to stop leaks is also affected by the condition of your shingles. Water can easily enter your home through damaged shingles.

Wear safety gloves when removing old shingles to prevent cuts. Wear rubber boots before you climb the ladder to reach the leaky area.

Replace the broken and old shingles using roofing tar and nails. This is a temporary solution until you can find something more durable to protect your roof from rain.

6. Tarpaulins are a great way to protect your home.

You may expect a storm tomorrow and need to fix your roof leak quickly. Installing a tarpaulin can be used to cover areas where you suspect exterior leaks.

You may need to use a larger tarp if you have multiple leaks or if you have a large roof. Multiple tarps are useful for roofs that are too large to handle multiple leaks or leaks at different locations.

We recommend anchoring your tarp using heavy concrete blocks for storms that are likely to bring heavy rain and high winds. We also suggest extending the tarp over the ridge. If you’re dealing with a milder storm, nails can be helpful.

7. Seal Joints

You may be more likely to leak if it comes from the joints of your roof. Rainwater can enter your home via gaps and through aluminum and chalk flashing at the junctions of surfaces.

You can seal these areas with cement or roof sealant. Ensure the area is clean and dry before you apply the sealant.

Use new flashing for larger roof cracks. Save sealant to fix more minor leaks. Knowing what tools to use can reduce future problems and save money on a roof replacement in the future.

Roof Leaks: How to Stop Them

Understanding the cause of a roof leak will help you prevent it from happening again. Some covers are better suited to short-term protection, while others will help keep your roof dry on a long-term basis. You should also consider the type of storms that you will be facing. These tips will help you to enjoy a dry room before, during and after a rainstorm.

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Tuesday 6 June 2023

Checklist for Summer Roof Maintenance

Your roof is put to the test throughout all four seasons. The summer can be a particularly difficult time for your roof, especially if you live in the Myrtle Beach area, where summer storms, humidity, and heat can pose serious problems. Maintaining these five areas of your home during the summer is important. Regular roof maintenance and repair will make your roof last longer!

Roof Maintenance Checklist

1. Check Shingles for Damage and Repair Flashing

Your roofing materials will expand or contract in response to changes in temperature and weather during the summer. It can lead to shingle displacement or brittleness on roofs older than 15 years. Check for any broken shingles or gaps between shingles. Check the flashing surrounding your chimney and vents. Caulk in these areas will usually fail before your shingles. Mold and mildew also thrive in warm, damp conditions. Have a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof if you notice dark patches.

2. Check and clean gutters

Ensure that your gutters and downspouts are free of debris. Seeds can settle into clogged gutters in the spring and grow throughout the summer. This can cause many headaches and make gutter cleaning even more difficult. In the summer, gutters should be kept clean because thunderstorms can bring water. Your gutters must be at maximum capacity to divert the water away from your house. If you can’t get up on a ladder, or if there is more damage to your gutters, then call a roofing contractor in Myrtle Beach.

3. Check the Eaves

The part of the roof that hangs above your house is the underside. Bugs often build nests and hives under this overhang. Nests can be harmless, but hives are a different story. If you notice any signs of dangerous insects, call an exterminator. If you see any insect damage on your siding, it is important to repair this as quickly as possible to prevent moisture from entering your home.

roof-maintenance-Myrtle-Beach-2-300x200.jpg4. Trim nearby trees

Most homeowners know that strong summer storms will quickly cause branches to fall onto roofs. It’s best to remove them before storms arrive. The accumulation of smaller branches and leaves can also be a problem. This debris runs into gutters, clogging them quickly. Trim nearby tree growth each summer, even if they aren’t large branches.

5. Analysis of Attic and Roof Ventilation

Insulation is often associated with keeping homes warm during the winter. Insulation is also important for keeping your home cool in the summer. Check your local codes to ensure you have the correct amount of insulation in your home. Also, check that your insulation is not dampened by humidity or leaks. Proper attic ventilation can also regulate the temperature in your home and prevent humidity that leads to mildew and mold. A professional roofer will take measurements to calculate the correct ventilation for your house.

Each summer brings an increased risk of roof damage. A summer inspection will prevent you from needing to make more costly repairs or replace your roof in the future.

Dealing with roofing companies can be frustrating when you only need a few small repairs. Many roofing companies will not offer repair because they have only the equipment and crews to replace a roof.

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Friday 2 June 2023

Questions To Determine If You Need Roof Replacement

Many homeowners only find out they require a roof replacement after they identify a leak in their ceiling. This leak can be because of several roof troubles. But how do you really know if your roof just needs minor repairs or needs an immediate replacement?

Is it time to fix or change your old roofing? If you find these warning signs, you should call your roofing contractor immediately.

How to Know If You Need Roof Replacement

  1. How old is your roof?

Just how old is your existing asphalt roof shingles roofing system? A lot of roofing contractors in Myrtle Beach concur that a common roofing system will last about 20 to 25 years. One big factor in its longevity is whether the old roofing was eliminated or if you just have one layer of roof shingles. If the roof covering was mounted over one more layer that is more than 20 years old, there is a big chance you will require a new roofing system.

  1. What is the condition of your roof valley?

If your roofing system tiles are crumbling or missing in some places, it is a guaranteed indicator that you require a brand-new roofing system. Roof valleys are just one of the most crucial locations of your roofing. Snow and rainfall pass through valleys and right into seamless gutters as well. If the valley is jeopardized, you might be prone to roofing leakages.

  1. Are your roofing shingles crinkled, distorted or have missing parts?

roof-replacement-2-300x200.jpgRoof shingles that are crinkled or bending are an additional indicator that you might require a new roof. Slopes in your home that are exposed to direct sunlight are more prone to crinkling and distortion. Missing roof shingles are another roof replacement indicator. You should call a qualified professional roofer to see if you might be qualified for repayment.

  1. Do you see tile granules in your gutter?

Check your gutters for any signs of shingle granules that might have fallen from your roof. Roof shingles have the tendency to shed even more granules when it nears the end of their life cycle. If you see a darker shade on some components of the roofing system, it is an indication the granules have actually deteriorated.

  1. Do you see sun streaks through the roof boards?

If you have an attic, check if you see streaks of sunlight coming down from the roof boards. When you walk through your roof, is there a mush feeling or a trampoline bounce? This is often an indication of a weakened wood deck damaged from moisture.

When you discover these signs on your roof, it is time to have your roof replaced. This is when you need the services of MB Roofing Pros. They are your trusted roofing professionals serving Myrtle Beach and its surrounding areas.

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