Thursday 3 February 2022

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

roofing-contractor-300x233.jpgIt is impossible to ignore it or delay it. Water spots are present on the ceiling. Your roof has a few missing shingles. There are birds, squirrels, or raccoons in your attic. It doesn't matter the reason why, it's clear that you need to replace your roof.

Where can I find the best-rated roofing contractors near me?

The key to successful roof repair or replacement is finding the right roofing contractor. To find the best roofing contractors near you, visit the Owens Corning Roofing Contractor Network. MB Roofing Pros is a local roofing contractor that is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, reliability and professionalism as well as quality workmanship.

Are Roofing Contractors Really Necessary?

This is a big job and will require significant investment in your home. It is best to hire a qualified and trusted roofer to do the job right. They will be knowledgeable about roofing materials, building codes, and other requirements. A warranty option gives you the assurance that your roofing contractor will stand behind their work for many years. Most homeowners start with a list of two to five roofing contractors. The homeowners then meet with two-three contractors before making a final decision on who to hire. Relying on your gut feeling or other recommendations to make a contractor's recommendation is dangerous. These are questions that you can ask to narrow your options and find the right contractor for your job.
  1. roofing-contractor-300x287.jpgDo you have adequate insurance? Your roofer should have insurance to protect your home from accidental damage.
  2. Is it possible to provide additional warranty* and workman's compensation coverage? Your roofing contractor should offer a limited warranty, which could include workman's comp coverage.
  3. Is it possible for you to explain my warranty? The roofer should be able explain the warranty to you and direct you to who to call if there are any problems. Find out if defective shingles are eligible for replacement at a prorated, original, or labor cost. Learn more about our warranties.
  4. What roofing materials can you use to cover my roof? There are many roofing options available and not all roofs are the same.
  5. Is it possible for you to provide a written estimate? An estimate should contain a detailed description and contract details.
  6. Are you in compliance with all local building regulations and codes? Your roofer should understand and follow all local building codes.
  7. Please send me a list of references. For more information, please call a few of your references.
  8. Are you planning to inspect the entire roof? The entire roof system should be inspected by your roofing contractor. This includes the roof deck, attic flashings, chimney, soil stacks, and other roof penetrations.
  9. Is it possible to verify that proper ventilation is being maintained? Proper ventilation should be checked by the roofer. The roofer must inspect the attic from within to determine if it is properly ventilated. Incorrect ventilation could cause damage to your roof and invalidate your warranty.
  10. Will you use synthetic roof underlayment? You have the option to have synthetic underlayment applied as the first layer of protection on your roof deck. If you need to protect your roof deck from water absorption, mold and other hazards, make sure your contractor uses synthetic underlayment.
  11. Are you planning to install water and/or ice barriers? Additional ice or water barriers may be required between the shingles and the wood deck depending on the weather conditions. This will prevent ice damming, wind-driven rain and collect water. Here in Myrtle Beach we can get some severe weather in the late summer and fall. This extra protection will ensure you home is protected.
  12. Do you intend to follow the manufacturer's directions? It is essential that you are familiar with all specifications in order to avoid voiding your warranty.
  13. To help you make informed decisions, the roofer should provide a comprehensive explanation of your roofing system.

Bookmark this Checklist to ensure that you have all the information you need to hire the right roofing contractor for your roof repair or replacement. Then call MB Roofing Pros for a free roof inspection and estimate.

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